Learn my full process

I’ve been selling my paintings as clipart since 2015 and until this date it’s been my most profitable digital product so far.

If you want to know all I’ve learned, the step by step process I follow and get all my templates and automations to make your creations easier…

This is for you!

Here’s everything you’ll learn inside

👩‍🎨 Creative Process:

  • Types of clipart kits you can create
  • The right way to paint clipart illustrations
  • Best resolution & size tips
  • How to design your promotional images
  • What to write in your product names & descriptions

👩‍💻 Tech details:

  • How to scan your paintings for best quality
  • How to delete the background paper with Photoshop
  • What formats should your files be in
  • How to turn your scanned drawings into vectors
  • How to organise your files for sale
  • Licensing advice

🔁 Templates & automations:

  • How to systemise your process
  • My Photoshop & Illustrator actions for clipart
  • General keyword / Hashtag list to copy & paste
  • General and specific SEO keywords for your clipart

If you want to learn how to turn into a clipart selling machine…

You don't want to miss this!


Sell Clipart from your Paintings - a 1h, 45 minutes comprehensive training teaching you the whole process of creating clipart kits & selling them.


Right now!! - This was a live training which has been recorded for your to watch now anytime you want.

Please note... This is not a webinar!

There will be no final up-sell after this class, no extra course you need to complete in order to achieve what you are gonna learn. Everything is packed in this 2 hour class so that you can go straight and start selling!


Me 👋 I’m Claudia Orengo and I’m a graphic designer and watercolor artist from Barcelona.

I have been selling my creations as digital downloads since 2014 and clipart kits are my top selling products so far.

Now, I’ve bottled up all my process, tricks and tips in this in-depth training so you too can start earning money from your art passively.


Your pass to Sell Clipart Kits from Your Paintings includes:

✅ The step by step process to sell your paintings as clipart.

📝 Copywriting template for your product descriptions.

💻 Tech tutorials.

🔎 SEO Keywords list.

🗓 Lifetime access to the video recording and slides.

Ready to start making sales while you sleep?

Join this class and become a master creating clipart kits


What makes selling clip art so awesome?

- It’s easy to create.

- You can start now: I bet you already have some paintings to convert into clipart.

- You have freedom to create what you want when you want.

- You can later re-use them for your designs or to create other digital products.

- Your clients can use them in multiple ways.

- They are top sellers.

- You can create thousands of products following one unique system.

- It’s 100% passive income!

This class is perfect for you if...

✔︎ You are a creative and want to make a profit from it.

✔︎ You want a super quick, super easy, and super repeatable strategy to make more money working less time.

✔︎ You have illustrations and paintings collecting dust and not generating any sales.

✔︎ You have plans or already sell your art online but would like to expand and sell clipart kits too.

✔︎ You feel like selling your art and designs online requires a whole lot of work of planning and promoting or just being lucky and have a huge list of followers, and you’d love to be proven wrong.

On the other hand, you might want to skip this if...

✗ You focus exclusively on selling 1:1 services and don’t want to start selling digital products.

✗ You’re actually looking for marketing and sales tips. I’ll give you some advice, but the main strategies of this class system rely on third platform marketing tools. Making your own advertising is outside the scope of this training.

Ready to start selling clip art?

I've got you covered!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will this take?

The training itself was 1h and 45 minutes, followed by a live Q&A session. 

When can I watch it?

You’ll receive the video recording automatically after purchasing your ticket, plus all the templates and slides, so you can watch it whenever you want.

I’ve got another question.

No problem! You can email me to [email protected] and I’ll be happy to chat with you.